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Cheerleading Shirts FAQs

  • How do I order t-shirts for my cheer squad?

    There are a couple of ways to get started ordering. You can start with a product or start with a design. We have selected a few of our favorite t-shirts and sweatshirts for cheerleading shirts. However, if you would like to see all the options browse the catalog. You may want to start with one of our cheerleading template designs to get you started. Once you have a product and design just save the finished product to your account and you can place the order right from the site. Your shirts will arrive in a week for digital prints and within 2 for screen print t-shirts. Easy, fast and fun cheerleading t-shirts.

  • How much do your shirts cost?

    The price of custom cheer shirts is affected by many variables. The product selected, print method, quality, and colors in your design can all affect the price. To get an idea, each product has a quote calculator that will give you a quote for that particular shirt. Our team of experience reps is always available to help if you have questions.

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