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Custom Bridesmaids T-Shirts FAQs

  • How do I create bridesmaids t-shirts?

    Creating bridesmaids t-shirts and tanks is easy and fun. Select your favorite product to get started and begin creating. Some popular bridesmaids tees include the Racerback Cropped Tank, Slouchy Tank Top and the Jersey T-Shirt. Once you have chosen a product you can design your own shirts or get started from our Bridesmaids Design Templates. Digital prints are available for single or small orders, and for those large weddings, screen printed shirts will allow you to order in bulk for cheap. So go ahead and start creating and have the best wedding album with your custom bridesmaids t-shirts. Once you have completed your bridesmaids t-shirts check out our Bachelorette Party T-Shirts, Honeymoon Shirts and even Bachelor Party T-Shirts for the boys.

  • What can my bridesmaids wear when getting ready?

    The best tees to get your bridesmaids when getting ready are loose fitting with a wide neck. These allow all the girls to get hair and makeup done while wearing their custom tees and then change into the dresses without messing anything up. We recommend the Slouchy Tank Top as the best option for bridesmaids to wear when getting ready. They are super cute and perfect for hair and make up.

With all the events leading up to the wedding, keep your bridesmaids feeling involved with some custom bridesmaids shirts. Whether it's a shower, bachelorette party, or the after party at your wedding, designing personalized t-shirts for your bridesmaids will keep the picture looking good and the girls excited. You may decide to create shirts similar to jerseys with the bridesmaids names and numbers on the back, or maybe just a cute design you create especially for them.