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Greek Licensed Printer UberPrints is an Official Greek Licensed Printer.

All orders for custom Greek shirt designs you create are submitted for approval to Affinity Marketing Consultants, an independent organization in charge of administering the use of fraternity and sorority trademarks. AMC forbids the use of alcohol, drugs, sex, and profanity on shirts with your fraternity or sorority name.
Seeking the perfect Kappa Alpha Psi gear? Look no further than UberPrints, your premier destination for all custom apparel needs. Whether you're the dedicated t-shirt chair tasked with outfitting your fraternity, or you're simply aiming to personalize a few shirts for your own wardrobe, we cater to every request with a wide array of options. Choose from individual items to bulk orders, benefiting from significant discounts as your quantity increases, making it effortless to gear up the entire Kappa Alpha Psi brotherhood.

Embark on your customization journey by exploring our extensive catalog, featuring an impressive selection of t-shirts, tanks, sweats, and more. With a diverse range of styles and brands at your fingertips, finding the perfect base for your design is guaranteed. Dive into our design templates to discover pre-made options that resonate with your fraternity's spirit, or unleash your creativity by crafting your own designs from scratch in our studio, utilizing a rich collection of fonts and clipart.

Once you've selected your apparel and tailored it with your design, placing your order is just a few clicks away. Rest assured, your custom Kappa Alpha Psi apparel will be swiftly shipped directly to your door, ready to wear and share with pride. Begin your custom apparel adventure with UberPrints today and step into a world of style, tradition, and brotherhood.