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Greek Licensed Printer UberPrints is an Official Greek Licensed Printer.

All orders for custom Greek shirt designs you create are submitted for approval to Affinity Marketing Consultants, an independent organization in charge of administering the use of fraternity and sorority trademarks. AMC forbids the use of alcohol, drugs, sex, and profanity on shirts with your fraternity or sorority name.
Becoming a Kappa Delta is very special. Founded in 1897, Kappa Delta has been around for years and was one of the "Farmville Four" sororities. When it comes to wearing custom Kappa Delta shirts you want quality that stands out and lasts for years beyond your college days. We know what you want and because of that have created a process to help you order the best custom Kappa Delta tees around. For starters, we have hand piked our product catalog to provide you with the best shirt options out there. We stay on top of style and color trends so you always can find what you want that year. Once you've decided on you tee, tanks, sweats or hats, we have artist curated designs for you to browse through to get you started or give you inspiration when designing. Once again, we pay attention to design trends so there should be no problem finding the latest trendy designs for your Kappa Delta shirts. Ordering is easy, just place it right from the web. We want you to have a great experience ordering from UberPrints and hope you find shirts that last you years.