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Greek Licensed Printer UberPrints is an Official Greek Licensed Printer.

All orders for custom Greek shirt designs you create are submitted for approval to Affinity Marketing Consultants, an independent organization in charge of administering the use of fraternity and sorority trademarks. AMC forbids the use of alcohol, drugs, sex, and profanity on shirts with your fraternity or sorority name.
Design and print your own Phi Kappa Theta t-shirts online. With thousands of original clip art pieces, you can create a design that shows off your Phi Kapps pride for all your events throughout the year. Whether it’s game days, parents weekend, date nights or any other event you're looking to show off for, UberPrints is sure to have you covered. If designing from scratch isn’t your forte, get started with one our Fraternity design templates for a Phi Kappa Theta t-shirt design that’s sure to stand out while still giving you the control to make exactly what you want. Start off by selecting a t-shirt to fit the occasion. A range of soft tees, tank tops, and even your favorite Comfort Colors are available to create your custom design on. Then hop into the Design Studio where you can really take your custom t-shirt to the next level by combining templates, clip art, and even your own uploaded image and make your design a one-of-a-kind statement from your Phi Kappa Theta chapter. Once you’ve made a design that matches just what you’re looking for, all that’s left is to pick your sizes and hit order. We pride ourselves on outstanding customer service and speedy printing that will get your t-shirts in your hands faster, and better-looking than ever. Procrastinated again? - No worries! We’ve got rush shipping options that will have your t-shirts on your doorstep in under a week. If you have any questions or need help with your order, don’t hesitate to contact us and find out how we continue to exceed expectations. We’ve got all the bases covered when it comes to online t-shirt printing, so start designing and find out why UberPrints is the last place you’ll need for custom Phi Kappa Theta t-shirts.