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All orders for custom Greek shirt designs you create are submitted for approval to Affinity Marketing Consultants, an independent organization in charge of administering the use of fraternity and sorority trademarks. AMC forbids the use of alcohol, drugs, sex, and profanity on shirts with your fraternity or sorority name.
Are you in charge of creating Zeta Phi Beta tees this year? Well we're here to help. Depending on the event or purpose of the shirts, we have created a bunch of design ideas for recruitment, bid day, mother daughter day, big little reveal and more. There are tons of designs to choose from or to give you ideas for creating your own t-shirts. If you're looking to create your own, our design tool makes it easy. Simply search for the clipart pieces that fit the design you are trying to create, add them to your shirt and adjust the colors as necessary. Designing can be really fun. When it comes to selecting a product, we have chosen to provide a catalog of what we consider the best products. Browse through the catalog of you will find many different t-shirts, tanks, sweats, hoodies and more. Once you have a product and a design, you're about finished. All you have left to do is order your shirts. Once you place your order, your Zeta Phi Beta shirts will ship to you in no time. Good luck!