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Digital vs Screen Printing

There are 2 different print methods to choose from when customizing your shirts.

  • Digital Printer Ink Cartridges

    Digital Printing

    Need one shirt or maybe just a couple? No problem. With digital printing, you can order as few as a single t-shirt.

    Digital t-shirt printing is a cutting-edge technology that allows us to take your design straight from the computer to the product. Similar to your at-home ink jet printer, these use special CMYK inks to produce a huge range of colors and cut out the extensive set up time of traditional t-shirt printing. Not only does this allow for high quality t-shirt printing without the minimum order, but there's also no limitation on the number of colors in your design. This makes digital printing a great option for printing photographs and other intricate artwork.

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  • Screen Printing Inks

    Screen Printing

    Looking to print shirts for a group? Screen printing is the most economical way to order soft custom t-shirts in bulk.

    Screen printing is probably what you think of when you think about quality t-shirt printing. It's the traditional t-shirt printing method in which each color in a design is separated out and burned to individual fine-mesh screens. Ink is then transferred through those screens to the shirt. With a 12 piece minimum and huge price breaks for higher quantities, teams, organizations, and businesses usually opt for screen printing because it's extremely cost-effective for printing large custom apparel orders.

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How To Make Soft Custom T-Shirts

We make it super easy to create and order your custom shirts.

  1. Choose a Product

    Get started by browsing soft tees in our catalog. The best way to do this is by using the super soft filter to view only our super soft t-shirts. We offer high quality custom t-shirts in a range of styles and fits.

  2. Customize

    Customize your tees in our design studio by selecting from thousands of clipart images and text. Not a designer? No problem! Browse hundreds of original templates our artists have created to help you get started.

  3. Checkout

    Order your super soft custom t-shirts right from the website. Just enter your quantities and sizes and you’re ready to go. Our customer service team is available 7 days a week to assist you with design, product or ordering questions.

  4. Relax

    We can handle it from here . Your super soft custom tees will be printed and shipped out to you in no time. Just relax and you’ll have quality custom t-shirts delivered right to your doorstep.

Start Designing

Designing Your Soft Custom T-Shirts

Designing your t-shirts is easy. Depending on what you are looking for there are a couple ways to get started.

Screen Print Press
  • Start From a Template

    Looking for that professional look but not sure where to begin? Our skilled artists have created hundreds of design templates to help you get started making your own quality custom tees. Browse through the designs for inspiration or select one and add you own personal touch.

  • Design Your Own From Scratch

    Feeling creative? Go ahead and jump right into our design studio. We have thousands of clip art pieces and lots of great fonts to use when creating your masterpiece.

  • Upload a Design

    If you already have a design or a logo, just upload it right to your shirt in the design studio. Resize it, place it wherever you want, even combine it with our free clip art and fonts to create a truly original design.

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Soft Custom T-Shirts FAQs

  • What are really soft t-shirts made of?

    There are different options when it comes to really soft t-shirts. Triblends, CVC and sueded tees are all super soft. The fabric makeup of triblend shirts is typically a combination of cotton, polyester and rayon. CVC is a less expensive cotton poly blend that is a great affordable soft option. The sueded tee is a new option for soft tees and is another cotton poly blend that is created through a unique process. You can read more about The Sueded Tee and the process behind creating it on our blog. If you would like to read more on t-shirt fabrics you can find a detailed description in our blog article of t-shirt fabrics.

  • What are the softest t-shirts?

    Some of our favorite super soft t-shirts are the Canvas Triblend Jersey Tee, Canvas Sueded T-Shirt and the Next Level Triblend T-Shirt. If you would like to browse all our super soft t-shirts you can filter the catalog by Super Soft which will only display our softest t-shirts.

  • How do I design soft custom t-shirts?

    If you are looking to create soft custom t-shirts the best place to start is to browse all our super soft t-shirts. You can filter the catalog by Super Soft which will only display our softest t-shirts. Once you have selected your super soft t-shirt it’s time to start designing. The Design Studio will allow you to create your own design from scratch or browse templates to help you get started. Once you have created your design, save it to your account and you are ready to order. If you have any questions our service team is available 7 days a week to help you with your custom t-shirts.

  • What makes a t-shirt premium quality?

    Premium t-shirts are often worth the extra money because everything from the materials to the construction are tailored for quality. High quality t-shirts use more refined ring-spun cotton that results in a softer touch and a smoother print. They often also include additional materials like polyester and rayon to improve the stretch and fit of the fabric. Premium t-shirts are also constructed with a more tailored fit using side torso seams that allow the shape of t-shirt to better fit your body’s natural shape. A great example of a high-quality t-shirt that includes all these features is the Triblend Crew by Next Level. You can find it and other premium options by filtering the apparel catalog for super soft options.

Free Shipping

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  • Free Shipping on Orders Over $100

    Need cheap shirts? There's lots of ways to reduce your price and one way is to take advantage of our free shipping on orders over $100. That means all screen printed orders get free shipping.

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