Adding and Customizing Images

Adding Clip Art

To add clip art to your custom apparel, click the Add Image tab in the design studio. Next, click the Clip Art button. Browse the clip art categories or search by keyword to find a graphic you like. To add a piece of clip art to your t-shirt design, click the appropriate thumbnail.

Adding Clipart

Uploading Images

To upload an image to your design:

Uploading Images
  1. Click the Add Image tab in the design studio and then choose Upload Your Own Image. Once the upload window appears, click the Choose File button to locate the file on your computer that you want to upload. Please note that file uploads may take anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes depending on your connection speed and file size.
    Uploading Images
  2. Once you've successfully uploaded your artwork, you have the option to add or remove the white from your image. When your image looks the way you want it, click Next Step.
    Uploading Images
  3. On the Colors in Image step, scroll through the dropdown menu and choose the selection that best describes your image. For logos and similar graphics, or if you’ve uploaded an image that uses individual spot colors, click on the number that comes closest to the number of colors in your image. Next, click Match to My Image to have our art department choose ink colors that closely match your design, or choose Select Colors to choose them yourself. If you have specific Pantone values you’d like us to match, make sure to specify this in your design notes.
    Uploading Images
  4. Once you’ve uploaded your image and chosen your colors, click the Add Image to Design button.
    Uploading Images

Customizing Images

Changing Colors
First select the image by clicking on it. In the Edit Image panel, click the color you want to change to open the ink color palette window. Click on the desired ink color. Note: While you may change colors for uploaded images, the changes will not be displayed on your design. If these colors are different from the colors in your image, please mention this in your design notes and our Art Department will be sure to make these changes.
Editing the color in your image
First select the image by clicking on it. Next, resize the image by either a) clicking and dragging the square nodes that appear at the corners of the image or b) dragging the Width and Height sliders in the Edit Image panel. Units are specified in inches.
Changing the size of your image
Images can be repositioned by simply clicking and dragging them. Once an image is selected, you may also center align it by clicking the button in the Edit Image panel. When dragging an image near another object, the image will automatically snap-to the nearest object.
Center aligning your image
Click on an image to select it. Click and drag the 'R' handle on the side of the image to rotate it. You may also drag the Rotation slider in the Edit Image tool panel.
Rotating your image
Layer Order
The layer order determines how text and image objects overlap. By clicking the layer order buttons on the Edit Image tool panel, you can move the image above or below other objects in your desigin.
Changing the layer order

Deleting Images

To delete an image from your design, first select the image by clicking on it. Next, click the red 'X' icon that appears next to the image.

Delete icon

My Images

Once you have uploaded an image it will be stored in the “My Images” section of your account. This feature allows for easy retrieval of images or logos that you have used in the past.

In the design studio, simply click Add Image and then click the My Images icon. A list of your uploaded images will be displayed. Add an image to your shirt design by clicking on it.

Images are only stored in the My Images section if you have saved a design that uses that image. If you leave the design studio without saving your design, your uploaded images will be discarded.

My Images